2020 National ParkRx Census Results

The Institute at the Golden Gate (IGG) conducted the 2020 ParkRx Census to build off baseline data provided in the 2018 ParkRx Census.  Thank you to all the health, park, and social services staff who shared information about their programs! We’ve learned there is not just one way to design a ParkRx program and that, through sharing emerging ideas for ParkRx programs, as well as best practices, we can illuminate ways to grow the movement. 

The 2020 ParkRx Census generated critical data from 37 ParkRx program leaders, the results of which are summarized in an infographic developed by the Institute at the Golden Gate. The data gathered sheds light on the types of nature-based activities healthcare providers are recommending to patients, the health goals of ParkRx programs (e.g. mental health improvements versus general wellness), target audiences, and data collection practices. We hope the 2020 ParkRx Census provides valuable information to all those interested, and we will continue to listen, learn, and share the progress of the ParkRx movement.

To view the 2020 National ParkRx Census, click here (will be directed to IGG website).